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2017 Season - The End of An Era

The End of An Era...

On October 22nd, 2017, a large storm came through the area. This was not terribly unusual, large storms have happened before and usually everything comes through unscathed... but not this time.

It greatly saddens me to report that a large tree fell on top of the Son of a Son of a Trailer™, damaging it greatly. The possibility of it not being able to be fixed is pretty good. So thus, our story draws to a close. In the meantime, I will work on a page with the full story including the pictures that were taken. Stay tuned...

Perhaps someday there will be another Son of a Son of a Trailer™, there will be more adventures and my love of camping will continue. But for now, camping will be put on hold until I decide upon, locate and can afford a suitable replacement.

I will always have the stories, the memories and my fond recollections of the times I have had - Son of a Son of a Trailer™, you will be missed.

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UPDATE: While the insurance paid for the trailer, it was nowhere near enough to replace it. The remains of the trailer, upon request, were given to a neighbor who took the body off and re-purposed it as a flat hauling trailer - the underlying frame was fine. So, the Son of a Son of a Trailer lives on, in a fashion. We wish it the best in its new life.

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