Son of a Son of a Trailer

Camping with a trailer in tow

Normandy Farms

A very nice place – Woodall’s rated this campground with their highest rating, 5 stars, and they deserve every one of them. From the streamlined check-in process, the security gate, the clean restrooms, multiple dumping stations, multiple pools (indoors and outdoors) and the whirlpool and spa, this was a very enjoyable camping experience.

And just so you won’t think I am all praises, the gentleman that brought us to our campsite had me pull in so the door of the trailer was facing the wrong direction – something I should have caught, but didn’t. Not a big deal, but again, no one is perfect. Also, there are restrictions on your campfire from the local Fire Marshall – this is not a good thing if you get in late and still need to cook dinner on the fire. There is also a very high water pressure, but they make sure to tell you that when you check in. (I have a water pressure regulator – a very handy thing to have for just such a situation.) Some of the campsites for the bigger rigs looked a little close together, but our site was off on the side, and had a very nice view of the sports field and the entrance building. It was probably the most private site on the grounds.

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