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Camping with a trailer in tow

Kittatinny Campgrounds, Barryville Base

This was probably the worst trip of the season, and it was supposed to be the big trip, too! The actual trip and activities were fine, but the campground and it’s management left a lot to be desired.

Upon arrival, I was assigned a site that had no power or water, which of course I had requested. The office was closed by then, so security checked their paperwork, and moved us very obligingly. (1/2 hour wasted relocating) And it turns out, across the road from me was some obviously VERY religious people – doing their thing bright and early Sunday morning. This was not pleasant. (I really have no problem with the religion thing, but not THAT early! I do like to sleep...) After they left, all was quiet for a bit. Then, during the week, at 8:00AM, was a MOWER. I couldn’t believe this! 8:00AM? I don’t think so…. Complaints to the office did nothing. So, now being up, and cranky, decided to shower. When I got over to the bathhouse, BOTH the men’s and women’s sides were closed. Closed? At 8:30AM? Prime time? Ridiculous. I was then informed when I expressed my displeasure to management that they clean the bathrooms at that time and I should have gone down to the other bath house. Basically, my site was in the middle between the 2 bathhouses, and walking all of that distance, and feeling like I REALLY needed a shower, and having to use the bathroom did not help my disposition. (Not to mention that I didn’t really want to walk all that way first thing in the morning anyways!) (Another ½ hour wasted.) Then, once again across the way, came in a bunch of rude people that decided to CRANK up their hip-hop music as soon as they got there, and again first thing in the AM. Complaints regarding these people to the office got us nowhere, although eventually, with enough valid complaints, the manager saw fit to send over his card with 1 free night of camping on the back – for NEXT season, of course. I kept it, but not to use. I'm not coming back. Now, if he had credited us a night while we were there, ok. But no, even after a complaint to the main corporate office yielded nothing, it appears that the cheapness extended from the campground office all the way up to the main office as well. But this will just remind me of Murphy’s Law – If anything can go wrong, it will. And it appears that Murphy HATES the Kittatinny people.

Paintball! Yes, they do have their own paintball field on the mountain, and they take you up there on a troop transport – very cool. But their reservation system left a LOT to be desired, as I made reservations right at the little paintball office building, using their phone, and when I showed up for the reservation, I was told that they were not playing paintball that day! There were some excuses given, but I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that they screwed up again. Back to complain mode, this time in person to the main office 1.5 hours away. They offered me 50 free paintballs for my trouble. Whoopee. Cheap SOB’s have no clue how to keep a customer happy. 1 person to play for free, ok. But 50 paintballs? I spent more $$ in gas to get to their office to make the complaint!! (1.5 hours X 2 = 3 hours wasted, plus gas in a V8 engine.)

But just so you don’t think it was all bad, the paintball staff, once on the mountain, were very nice, knowledgeable and fun to play with.

Now let’s get into the rest of the items on the trip….


The first night of arrival I discovered, just down the road about 500 yards, a campground / restaurant and bar called Cedar Rapids. Now this is where I should have stayed! I ended up there every night of the trip, either for dinner or drinks, or both! Mark, the gentleman at the door and Paul, the manager, were great people! All of their staff were great – personality wise and all very friendly. I decided that I was definitely coming back, not to Kittatinny, but to Cedar Rapids!

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