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Season Two (2004)

Well, the good news is that I'll get the hang of this trailer thing yet.


Got the trailer out of winter storage. Now when I checked on the trailer the first really nice weekend we had, all was fine. Opened the trailer, checked for rodent activity, checked the canvas. Fine. Opened up the trailer for the first time, and I'll be darned - two, not one, but two holes in my brand new canvas.

Ok, time for the trap. And he fell for it! So got the bugger that caused the damage, but I am afraid I'll just have to patch the two holes for now. Don't want to afford another new canvas. Besides, one of the holes is on the back side towards the top, and isn't really that noticeable.


After that, I called to make the yearly service appointment, but they were booked up for at least another month! I'll have to learn to call earlier next year. So, a short month later, off to service it went, merrily bouncing along behind the Jeep.


This is the year for the replacement of the water heater, and while attempting to open the trailer up again for some pre-service cleaning, POP! a lift cable broke. (Well, they are 14 years old, you know!) So much for the cleaning. I was able to lower the roof with no issues, as it hadn't opened very far when the cable went. Ok, let's see... that makes one water heater, the traditional yearly wheel bearing repacking and new lift cables. Oh, and did I mention a missing bolt on the door step? Minor, but still needed.


Maybe next year will be the cheap maintenance year... because it's not going to be this year!


Now that the repairs are behind me, there is really not much left to do - well, there is the issue of a new awning, but if I don't use it, I'll never notice.... and I am sure I won't notice it this season. The first trip of season two was a grand success! Normandy Farms was a very nice place, the facilities were excellent, and you have to love that 25% discount. Next up is to try the wilderness in Vermont.


Vermont was nice - everything worked well, and the leaves were in full color. Got a really nice campsite at the junction of the river off of Kelly Stand Road. It's just wonderful to fall asleep to the sound of the rushing water.

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