Son of a Son of a Trailer

Camping with a trailer in tow

Season Six (2008)

The season started with GeoJamboree VI. Eventful, to say the least. It started off with the realization that the trailer really needed a new battery... Optima to the rescue again! Got a blue top deep cycle marine battery, and boy does that work well!!

It was almost too big for the battery tray, but I managed to fit it in. Then it was off to the campground. Upon opening the trailer at the campground, POP! A lift cable broke. With a little (ok, a lot!) of help from our friendly neighbors, I was able to get the top cranked up with the broken corner being lifted by hand at the same time. A few support poles later, and the trailer was open! Thankfully, no other mishaps occurred on this trip. This was also the first use of the new generator!


After this trip, into the shop the trailer went. One large bill later, and the notation that the lift arms were going bad, I had the trailer back in time for the Jimmy Buffett concert. My regular campground was unable to get me the site I wanted as it was Massachusetts Weekend, so I made a reservation at a new campground (Canoe River) which ended up being closer to the concert venue. How convenient! The concert was awesome as usual, and there were no mishaps on this trip, even with the tail end of a hurricane hitting the day of the concert. Even with all the rain, the trailer stayed nice and dry inside.

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