Son of a Son of a Trailer

Camping with a trailer in tow

Season Seven (2009)

Not much to talk about for this year... Well, ok, maybe a little... Since having the bad news last year that the lift arms are going bad, I really didn't think it would be worth it to have them fixed, so I am trying to extend their life as much as possible. Fluid Film to the rescue!

Now, if you don't know about this stuff, you REALLY need to google it or whatever you do to find out about things. This stuff is amazing! It is sort of like WD-40 and Liquid Wrench all in one, but even better! So far, it has given the lift arms a new lease on life! We shall see how it works. Other than that, the trailer really didn't go anywhere much except GeoJamboree, which, as always, was an excellent time!

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