Son of a Son of a Trailer

Camping with a trailer in tow

In The Beginning (2003)

The Son of a Son of a Trailer™ is a....

1991 Coleman Williamsburg - I found it in the back yard of a friend of a friend, having sat unattended for about 2 years.  I saw the potential in this, so inquired if it was for sale. It was! So, I bought it in June of 2003. It did need a little work, as it hadn't been touched in those 2 years.

So home with me it went - there was a flat tire on one side, and the previous owner had managed to replace the flat with the spare, so I was ok on that point.

The wiring pigtail was nowhere to be found, so before going to pick it up, I purchased one from the RV dealer, and thought that would be fine. However, there was a little problem of the wiring not matching up correctly, so whenever I signaled left, the brakes would apply. There were a few other lighting issues, but the brake lights worked, and I figured that would be good enough to get it home.

After getting it home, I opened it up, and began the big job of cleaning. With the help of my friend Nazz, we stripped everything out of the trailer, and started scrubbing everything down. Once the inside had a good scrub, I bombed it for bugs and rodents. (You never know what had taken up residence in there in the 2 years it was sitting!) Then we went back in and wiped everything down again in preparation for the RV dealer.

Now, it was getting close to the time for the first trip, and there were a few repairs that I had to make to get it so I wouldn't worry every mile. The first item was of course, the lights. Then there were 2 new tires, new wheel bearings, and at some point the mice had chewed a couple of holes in the outer canvas. When I told the RV place about the canvas, they said no problem, but then I found out that the canvas was on backorder until the 1st week of July. This is not good! The vacation plans were for the 4th of July weekend, extending into the following week! So, I thought I'd have to be resigned with a few patches in the canvas for the first trip, but lo and behold, the miracle workers that are my service advisors somehow got the canvas in on time, and installed it! So about $3000 later, all the important repairs had been completed, and the trailer was ready to roll.

There were a few items I did not know about, like the LP regulator and the shower faucet had frozen at some point, and the step light did not function. Minor items, but I got them done anyhow. That really only left the water heater tank, which also froze and had burst open. I had the dealer bypass that until another time as funds were getting low.

Then in September of 2003, while at the Big "E" fair, I found a guy there that made vinyl letters. So after about a 1/2 hour of design thinking, I had him cut the "Son of a Son of a Trailer™" letters that now adorn the rear panel.

So that is the starting story of the "Son of a Son of a Trailer™"! Feel free to check out the trip log, which (in theory) will get updated after each trip.

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