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Season Seven (2009)

Not much to talk about for this year... Well, ok, maybe a little... Since having the bad news last year that the lift arms are going bad, I really didn't think it would be worth it to have them fixed, so I am trying to extend their life as much as possible. Fluid Film to the rescue!

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Season Eight (2010)

Another slow season... Lots of maintainance this year as mice got in and did themselves a great job of settling in for the winter. A major cleanup and canvas cleaning and repair was undertaken. (IE - remove canvas, clean and patch, then re-install. If you don't have to ever do that, be very very glad!)

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Season Nine (2011)

The season started out with the trip to the GeoJamboree.  I'd since moved to North Carolina, so we packed up the Jeep and headed up to Mom and Dad's house where the trailer was still living.  Dad was helpful in getting it ready before we arrived, so when we got there, we packed it up, hooked it up to the Jeep, filled up the water tank and we were off!

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Season Ten (2012)

A very slow season this year...

Michele's dad came down for our wedding and stayed in the trailer with Jimmy.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Hopefully we will be more active next season.

Season Twelve (2014)

Since leaving the trailer open all winter worked so well last year, we decided to do it again. Once again, no mice! Woo! However, a new pest showed up, something we didn't think about... Stinkbugs! There were quite a few that had taken up residence for the winter, so after a nice thorough cleaning, we were ready to go.

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